Monday, May 05, 2014

2014 Graduate Research Network

Planning to attend the 2014 Computers and Writing Conference in Pullman, WA?  Don't forget to sign up to participate in the Graduate Research Network.  It's free for all registered conference attendees, and it's a wonderful opportunity to network, to get feedback on work or ideas at any stage of progress, and it's NOT just for graduate students.

Please join us.  Deadline for submissions is May 9.  Visit our Web site at for more information.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Senseless Sensors - Yet another rant

I am a believer in doing whatever we can realistically do to decrease our carbon footprints on this planet.  Yup, I re-use whatever I can, I recycle what I can, I've re-lamped at home to CFL bulbs, and I always turn off lights when I leave a room.  So, when Georgia Southern University decided to re-lamp, I said YAY!  However, when they decided to put sensors in all of our offices that automatically turn lights on and off by detecting movement, well, I'm less than happy.

The problem?  The sensor doesn't see me because there's a HUGE file cabinet between the sensor and my desk. I could move all of my furniture around to accomodate the sensor, I suppose, but then I would have to have all new outlets installed for the Internet, telephone, and electrical supplies in the office....

So here I sit.  Every 30 minutes I'm thrust into darkness.  So I won't break my neck every time I have to jump up and move around the desk to wave my arms like a mad-woman at the sensor, I have to turn on the lamps in my office (which kind of defeats the purpose of having the motion sensors turn off the lights, because now I have to have lamps AND the overhead lights on all day). 

I am one of those (rare?) beings who actually needs the fluorescent lights to see; my lamps aren't enough to allow me to work effectively. 

So, today:

Lights go out.  I walk around the desk, jump up and down a few times until the lights come on, sit back down and realize I have totally lost my place in the work I was reading when I was so rudely interrupted.  Lost time....

Lights go out again.  This time I try leaning across my desk (past the huge file cabinet), holding a book in my hand so I can wave at the sensor.  The lights come on, but I accidentally knock the Web cam off the top of my monitor.  I finally find it, replace it, and go looking for the place in my work that I have once again lost track of.

Lights go out again.  I've learned my lesson:  I mark my place before leaning over the desk (carefully avoiding he Web cam) to wave at the sensors, lose my balance in so doing, catch myself from falling, but bang the hell out of my knee as my chair goes careening across the office.


1.  Maybe it's time to think about retiring!  (Mmmm, no, can't afford to do that.)
2.  Bring lots more lamps in to my office so I don't need the overhead lights any more.  (Hmmm, that's an idea, but it would INCREASE my carbon footprint -- and probably increase Georgia Southern's electric bill AND defeat the purpose of the sensors in the first place--plus short of asking for more outlets, it would probably entail stringing extension cords everywhere and overloading the circuits: can you say "fire hazard"?)
3.  Give up and realize I've been working in the dark my entire life and just didn't realize it. ("Hello, darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.")

So, when you hear me holler, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" you'll know why.

/End rant

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Graduate Research Network at Computers and Writing Conference


The 2013 Graduate Research Network (GRN) is an annual forum at the Computers and Writing Conference to connect researchers with other researchers and discussion leaders in the field.

We invite proposals for work-in-progress discussion at the 14th annual GRN, June 6, 2013, at the Computers and Writing Conference hosted this year by Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD.  Work at any stage of completion is welcome, from those just beginning to think through ideas to those ready to consider venues for publication. The GRN is FREE to all registered conference participants.  Remember, too: you do NOT have to be a graduate student to participate! Anyone who would like to benefit from the conversations and feedback about projects they are working on is welcome!

Morning sessions will consist of roundtable discussions of works-in-progress.  During the afternoon GRN, we will offer an exciting job workshop.  We need both presenters and Discussion Leaders.  Sign up NOW.
·         For more information about the GRN and to sign up to participate, please visit our Web site at   And don’t forget to apply for GRN/C&W Travel Grant Funding if you meet eligibility requirements. Even if you have already registered for the C&W Conference and checked the GRN Workshop box, you will still need to complete our form. And if you did NOT register for GRN, don't worry--there's still time!

·         We also hope that those who can will consider donating to the GRN/C&W Travel Grant Fund.  For more information on how you can contribute—or to apply for funding—see

·         AND don’t forget, you can also help us raise money for the GRN/C&W Travel Grant Fund , stay fit, and have fun by participating in Ride2CW.  For more information, see

See you in Frostburg!  Remember:  GRN!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deadline Extended: Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy

Deadline Extended to April 1, 2013

The Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy, August 23-24, 2013, in Savannah, GA, invites proposals across disciplines for workshops and presentations that will consider, extend, or otherwise address information literacy in K-12 and postsecondary settings:
• EFFECTIVE MEANS of developing information literacy skills in learners.
• PARTNERSHIPS between librarians and classroom teachers to teach students research skills.
• INFORMATION LITERACY across the disciplines.
• ASSESSMENT of information literacy initiatives.
• INTELLECTUAL property, copyright, and plagiarism in the digital age.
Conference organizers welcome international participants and proposal submissions, in order to broaden and share knowledge regarding information literacy practice, theory and research in a variety of cultural settings worldwide. Please note, however, that presentations must be in English and that the Conference cannot provide funding for attendees or for presenters. 
For more information, visit our Web site at

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Editing for Editors

So, I am teaching a Professional Editing class this semester, and this is the second time during the semester that I have come across professional editing boo-boos.  The first was my name badge at a conference I attended in Georgia that misspelled the name of my university ("Gerogia Southern University").  The picture here is from a table tent at the Editor's Round Table at the Research Network Forum at the 2013 CCCC in Las Vegas.  I couldn't resist including this picture for my students in my online editing course!

The Rhetoric and Composition Journal Editors Group is an ad hoc group representing (mostly) non-profit editors and publishers in the field.  Several years ago we banded together to host a table/booth in the exhibit hall at CCCC where various journals and publishers could share calls for proposals, subscription information, and other information as a public service to the discipline.  If you are an editor or member of an editorial board for a journal and would like information about joining us, see instructions for subscribing at

Friday, September 28, 2012

Voter Suppression?

So, if I want to renew my driver's license--which I need to do if I want to vote, never mind drive, I have to prove I am who I have always been. The new rules here request a certified copy of my birth certificate (which I have) AND a copy of my marriage license if I changed my name after birth (which I did). 

Unfortunately, since I got divorced in 1974, I tore up my old marriage license and have NO idea where the divorce decree might be. So, I COULD spend time and money requesting a new certified marriage certificate for a marriage that hasn't been for a LONG time.....

Or (easy way out), I can just produce my passport (even though getting the passport did NOT require me to prove that I once got married; they took my word for it!). Sheesh.

So new rules for "secure ID" (that's what they're calling it), harassment or voter suppression? (or both!)

More in the continuing saga of acquiring the necessary documentation to prove I have not ceased to be who I have always been in order to renew my driver's license so I can prove I am not attempting to commit voter fraud when I go to the polls in Georgia (because, ya know, that's such a huge problem--not!)

So, in order to acquire the documents (a copy of a 1970 marriage certificate for a marriage that ended in 1974), I have to either apply in person (a 4 hour drive) or download a PDF application, print it, and fill it out by hand. Ok, I have access to the necessary tools, but many of the poor may not.

Then I have to send payment, but no personal checks, credit or debit cards. So now I have to spend more money to purchase a money order or certified check--the only acceptable forms of payment.

Now if, for some reason there is a problem with my request, I assume I will be notified--by snail mail. And I will be asked to re-submit-- again by snail mail. By then, the election may well be over, and many people will have been disenfranchised by this inanity.

I actually will be able to vote--this time. Not so sure about the future, since I am and will continue to be a (gulp) liberal Democrat.  Shhh.

I am not usually a conspiracy theorist, but come on--this is blatant.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Too Many Electronic Devices!

Help! I have far too many electronic devices in my life!So of course I am now playing with my latest acquisition--an iPad 3.

So I am trying out the iPad app for blogger and so far all I can say is it sucks.

So now I am trying the voice recognition that is included in the iPod iPad or told you I had too many electronic devices iPad blogger at let's see how it does

Hmmm close, but not quite. Oh well maybe you can figure it out.